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Sponsors Include
The Institute of Geophysics & Planetary Physics
Los Alamos National Laboratory
The Acoustical Society of America
The Istituto Superiore per le Infrastrutture


*** Note - The 2011 XVI ICNEM will be held in Prague. ***

Updated 16 July, 2010

The 15th International Conference on Nonlinear Elasticity in Materials

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Dear Colleagues,

The Fifteenth International Conference on Nonlinear Elasticity will be held in Otranto, Italy, July 4-11, 2010. The lovely village of Otranto is located on the "boot heel" of Italy, on the southern Adriadtic sea.

Scheduled topics (linked below) include the elastic nonlinear response of solids, time reversal in solids and Earth, elastic nonlinearity in Earth and seismic studies, and nonlinear, nondestructive evaluation.


  • Early Registration by April 30
  • Abstracts by May 30. Late presentations accepted upon schedule availability.
  • Papers can be published in ASA's POMA

Conference Registration Forms, Fees, & Schedule

  €250 (before April 30), €280 (after April 30)

  Registration Form - DOC / PDF

  Schedule 2010 - General / Detailed

Attendee Information

General Visitor Information


Meeting Hotels

Reservations should be made by May 30, 2010 (room availability cannot be guaranteed for late reservations). Specify XV ICNEM - Delegate in your reservation to benefit from the special rate.

Additional Hotels within Walking Distance from the Conference Room


New - Maps, bus schedules & more regarding the three connecting airports - Bari, Brindisi, and Rome.

Transportation from Rome to Otranto

The following information was current as of March 25, 2010

Air - Alitalia (English, French, German, & Italian; € and $) and Blu Express (English and French, € only)offer flights between Rome and Brindisi, approximately 2 hours north of Otranto by public transportation. (Airlines also serving Brindisi include some low cost British airways and others - see Brindisi airport link above). Alitalia has many flights a day and costs considerably more than Blu Express. Blu Express has one flight a day in each direction, except none on Saturday. Those considering flying should take into account possible flight delays and cancellations when making reservations. As of March, an economy class roundtrip (return) ticket for one adult was $411 or €178 on Alitalia. Residents of the U.S. pay more than EU residents. Blu Express offers a flat rate that appears to be very cheap, ≈ €50 including taxes but not credit card charges, round trip one adult. Apparently, one-way tickets can be purchased without penalty on Blu Express. For both Alitalia and Blu Express, to view the final total you have to reserve a ticket with passenger information so the actual tickets could be more.

Train - Trenitalia (English & Italian; € only) has an express train that runs several times a day between Rome and Lecce. Lecce is ≈ 1 hour north of Otranto by public transportation. The travel time is 5h21m or slightly more depending on the train. Weekdays cost €10 more than weekend days. One-way tickets are without penalty. A round trip ticket in first class is ≈ €196 assuming weekday travel. Roundtrip second-class ticket for one person is ≈ €134. From Lecce, there is public transportation to Otranto.

Air to Brindisi - Brindisi Airport

Land from Brindisi to Otranto

  Shuttle Bus - Brindisi Airport to Otranto, by Autolinee Elios, one journey per day each direction.

  Shuttle Bus - Brindisi Airport to Lecce city terminal (Link) + bus from Lecce city terminal to Otranto (Link)

  Taxi taxi or private car shuttle from Brindisi airport to Otranto - Booking can be made via organizers.

  Private bus shuttle (6-8 people) to Otranto - Booking can be made via organizers.

Alternatively, Otranto can be reached by plane to Bari or Rome airports and then by train and/or bus.


If you have questions or comments, please contact the organizing committee.

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